A Carbon Neutral Cycle Adventure

Cycling has many obvious benefits over other forms of transport, particularly the contribution made to help reduce carbon emissions.

To help further demonstrate our commitment towards helping reduce our carbon footprint, we have decided to take the following steps:

1) Every journey made to collect cycles from Cycle Adventure using a car will have its carbon production off-set. A contribution for each journey will be made to a certified carbon off-set scheme.

2) We will also reduce the hire price by £1 for each customer who arrives by public transport to encourage use of more carbon efficient modes of transport. We have routes that start from Clitheroe and Lancaster Train Stations, where we can meet you with all your cycling equipment and accessories.

As we all know, it’s not always practical or possible to use public transport. But it is often not as difficult as many people believe! It can also offer many benefits over driving, such as making your journey a more enjoyable and less tiring experience. Please see our How to get here page for details on using public transport to visit the Forest of Bowland.

Whether you drive or use public transport to pick up your cycles, you can be sure that you'll be having a carbon neutral Cycle Adventure.

Contributions will be made at the end of each year based on the number of car miles travelled by all our customers to collect their cycling equipment (on the day of hire). For more details of the offset scheme we are using and how contributions are calculated and made please visit www.carbon-clear.com


To book now and for more information call 07518 373 007 or text ‘ca’ for call back

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